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Petrochemical & Refineries

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ - Separator Study

Carryover Study on Gas Plant

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ - Distribution study

Excess Carryover from a Packed Bed Tower

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ - MUI

Corrosion Under Insulation

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ - Helium Leak Study

Leak Test Studies on Various Heat Exchangers

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ - FCCU Study

Operating Problems Identified

TRACERCO™ - Smart Density Gauge

Determining Coke Thickness in a FCCU

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ - Scan

Pipeline Scale and Blockages Located

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ - Residence Study

Measurement of Bypassing in a Feed/Effluent Exchanger

TRACERCO™ Level Gauge

Solution to Polyethylene Overflow Problem

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ - Residence Study

Residence Time Study Boosts Yield

Leak & Distribution Studies

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Tower Scans

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Flow Studies

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