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Phase Measurement

Enabling technology from the multi award winning Profiler™ series of instrumentation, allows operators of separation systems a clear advantage in achieving optimal throughput, accurate control of chemical additives and in ensuring environmental and quality compliance.

Our phase measurement instrumentation includes:

The Profiler™

The Profiler™ GPS

The Profiler™ GPS allows customers to define, monitor, control and optimise interface levels within tanks, separators, pipes and all other plant vessels to reduce downtime and improve process efficiency

Tracerco™ TankGauge

The Profiler™ TGA

The Profiler™ TGA is designed to measure the interface distribution of materials contained within a multiphase separation or storage vessel facilities.

Tracerco™ PhaseFinderPlus


The PhaseFinderPlus measures the interfaces between phases within process vessels.

Profiler™ Visualisation

Profiler™ Visualisation

Our Profiler™ HMI software is a ready-made graphical user interface that provides clear insight into your separation process whilst enabling efficient operation and control of the Profiler™ GPS and Profiler™ TGA. Download the technical data sheet to learn more.

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