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The Profiler™ TGA

Characterise real time process conditions in aggressive environments

Incorporating multi-award winning technology, the Profiler™ TGA is designed to measure the interface distribution of materials contained within a multiphase separation or storage vessels. With no moving or wetted parts, the Profiler™ TGA provides a maintenance free process control solution in aggressive process environments.

Profiler TGA

Improved Process Control

Information gained on the extent of phase dispersion, provides a clear indication of the quality of the interface between different phases.

This information provides the operator with total visibility and confidence to increase fluid throughput, minimise the use of separation enhancing chemicals and automatically control interface levels.

Custom Designed

Each Profiler™ TGA is custom designed to meet your requirements including measurement ranges greater than 30m. There are no valves, bridles, stilling wells, heat tracing, vents or drains required ensuring true in vessel conditions are being measured whilst minimising leakage paths.

Benefits of the Profiler™ TGA

  • Characterise and control real time process conditions.
  • No moving parts eliminating any contact with process materials.
  • Reduce operating costs by optimising the use of effect chemicals.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Improve environmental compliance.
  • Extremely robust and reliable measurement

Typical Applications

The Profiler™ TGA is suitable for use in aggressive environments such as alkylation units, this enhances safety through reduction in potential leak points.

  • HF alkylation units.
  • Settling tanks.
  • Wash tanks.
  • Subsea oil storage caissons.
  • Primary separation cells

Specification Table

Process Measurement

Measurement Principle

Gamma ray absorption

Interface/Level Measurement

Phase elevation - up to 10 discrete phases


Interface/Level Accuracy

Typically +/- 2% of measurement range

Density Range

0-3000 kg/m3 (per point)

Density Accuracy

+/- 10kg/m3 (subject to update/filter factors)

Update Interval

1 second to 10 seconds (nominally 3 seconds)


Detector Type

PRI 150

Detector Operating Temperature

-40°C to + 85°C


Standard PLC

Allen Bradley ControlLogix

Output Options

Active 4-20mA, digital volt free alarms, Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU

Configuration and Visualisation Tool

Tracerco HMI


Detector Enclosure

316 SS, IP66

Dip Pipe

Material to suit application

Vessel Nozzle Size

Single 20" nozzle preferred





ATEX (Directive 2014/34/EU ) / IECEx Zone 0, Gas group IIC, Temp Class T4 (ambient 85°C)
Zone 20, Dust group IIIC, Temp Class T89°C (ambient 85°C)
Class I, Div 1, Gas group A, B, C and D, Temp Class T4 (ambient 85°C)
Class I, Zone 0, Gas group IIC, Temp Class T4 (ambient 85°C)
Class I, Zone 0, Gas group IIC, Temp Class T4 (ambient 85°C)


Directive 2014/30/EU, Generic standard EN61326-1:2013


ISO 2919 requirements

Source Shielding

ISO7205 (1986) and ANSI N43.8 (2008) requirements

For more information on the Profiler™ TGA please fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you.

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