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Feel free to come along and visit our stand and meet our delegates. Find out more about how we provide timely, effective solutions to your problems with our technologies. Whether you are interested in our nucleonic instrumentation, process diagnostics, subsea technologies, radiation monitors, reservoir characterisation, radiation protection advice and training, analytical services or product assurance services we are happy to help.

We will be exhibiting at the following events throughout 2014:

HPS 59th Annual Meeting

13/07/2014 - >17/06/2014
Baltimore Convention Center - >Booth 210

Health Physics Society 59th Annual Meeting

13/07/2014 - >17/07/2014
Baltimore, Maryland USA

RMS-AAPG 2014 Rocky Mountain Section Meeting

20/07/2014 - >22/06/2014
Denver, Colorado, USA - >Booth 13/14

NORM seminar at IRD

18/08/2014 - >20/07/2014
Rio de Janiero

SPE Unconventional Resources Technology Conference

25/08/2014 - >27/08/2014
Denver, Colorado, USA

ONS 2014

25/08/2014 - >28/08/2014
Stavanger, Norway


06/10/2014 - >08/10/2014
Hyatt Regency Denver - Denver, Colorado, USA

2014 AIChE Southwest Process Technology Conference

09/10/2014 - >10/10/2014
Moody Gardens Galveston, TX, USA

ARPS 2014 Conference

26/10/2014 - >30/10/2014
Hobart , Tasmania

CBRNe Convergence 2014

28/10/2014 - >30/10/2014
Hyatt Regency Long Island - New York, NY, USA - >Booth 22

EIC Oil and Gas

25/11/2014 - >25/11/2014

*Tracerco Monitors represented by Lablogic Systems Ltd
**Tracerco Monitors represented by High Technology Sources Ltd
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