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Tracerco's vast array of process diagnostics technologies are used to diagnose a wide range of production problems using sophisticated tracer and advanced measurement technology.

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Process Diagnostics Animation

Process Diagnostics Animation

Tracerco offer scanning and tracer characterisation technologies to operators of process plants. Click to view our animation and find out how Tracerco Process Diagnostics® services provide valuable insight when looking at the causes of production limitations.

Petrochemical and Refining

Trayed and Packed Distillation Towers

Gamma scans provide a density profile of the internal process of operating trayed and packed distillation towers to diagnose the hydraulic operating conditions of a mass transfer device. Through the analysis of gamma scan data, quantitative information about the useful capacity of both trayed and packed towers, can be obtained. In the case of packed towers distribution studies can detect maldistribution.

Heat Exchanger and Condensers

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ Leak Study applications confirm the presence of a leaking exchanger both on-line and offline no matter how small the leak. With knowledge of which exchanger is leaking customers can shutdown, repair and restart with minimal downtime.

Diagnose Reactor Problems With Gamma Scans And Isotope Tracers

Accurately diagnose integrity problems with internals and determine the uniformity of distribution within reactor vessels while online. Results can aid site personnel to identify problematic operations and make modifications to increase efficiency.

Flare Systems

Tracerco offers an array of cost effective methods to detect source of flare flow, reduce flare flow rate measurement errors, calibrate or monitor flare line flow meters and detect blockages within a flare system.

Piping Systems

Determine the location and depth of solid deposits present through a complete section of piping. Determine flow velocity and distribution through piping networks, calibrate existing flow meters and measure flowrates where no meters exist.

Tanks and Spheres

Identify the presence of sludge and product levels or measure liquid interfaces inside tanks and spheres.

Desalters and Separators

TRACERCO Diagnostic™ Scans shows interface profiles at various positions in separator vessels that can be used very effectively in emulsion breaker chemical trials to determine the best type and concentration to use, leading to a significant cost saving.

The award winning TRACERCO Profiler™ provides information on the extent of inter-phase mixing that can be monitored to optimize fluid throughput while providing costs savings on chemical additives.

FCC Units

A TRACERCO Diagnostics™ FCC Study can be used to identify operating dynamics to improve unit productivity, or gauge the accuracy of process modelling and simulation allowing a better understanding of the integrated process components

Oil & Gas Applications

Separator Studies

Measurement of foaming and anti-foam effectiveness, individual phase heights, liquid carryover and gas carryunder in real time help process operators maximize production throughput, reduce operating costs and minimize environmental impact.

Towers and Piping Systems

Online gamma scans measure the internal condition of mass transfer towers to determine hydraulic operating conditions and pinpoint any unusual operating conditions. Pipe scans are used to detect solids build-up, deposit surveys in flare and process lines, ice/hydrate deposits in gas lines and liquid/gas interfaces.

Platform Structure

A proven cost effective inspection technique to detect water ingress of jacket members without any need to remove marine growth. The TRACERCO Diagnostics™ FMI system is the only FMI technology approved by Lloyd's register to provide a measurement of the degree of flooding into platform structural members.


Tracerco's Pipeline Assurance applications offers the world's most accurate and reliable techniques to bring transparency to a diverse range of hidden pipeline issues that may impact on oil and gas production performance. Applications range from pipe-in-pipe annulus integrity measurements, flow assurance, flow meter verification/calibration to pig tracking

Midwater Arches And Buoyancy Tank Piping

Accurate and fully reliable subsea measurement for vapor/liquid interfaces contained within mid-water arches, buoyancy tanks, mooring points and other subsea equipment providing a profile of the content within the tank or vessel

Salvage and Wreckage

Obtain critical information on the condition of submerged vessels by identifying the presence of oil and measuring the oil/water/gas interface to help eliminate environmental incidents and assist with removal plans.

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