Mining applications

Optimising mining processes with Hyperion™

Designed for the most challenging environments, Tracerco’s Hyperion™ nuclear level and density measurement system has been installed by mining operators to enhance the efficiency, reliability and productivity in several of their measurement applications. Being able to accurately quantify and report real time data from field operations, in what are often harsh and unforgiving environments, poses a challenge to most conventional measurement technologies. However, Hyperion™ systems provide reliable, repeatable, cost effective and maintenance free solutions to a number of mining measurement challenges such as transporting slurry feeds, controlling thickener overflow and underflow and accurate cyclone monitoring.

Hyperion™ provides an accurate measurement of fluid or solid density within mining processes offering unparalleled performance and market leading reliability. This results in the most efficient and cost effective operating conditions being consistently maintained through the accurate control of the process, chemical additive regulation and the optimisation of solid removal operations.

Housed in 316L stainless steel as a standard, Hyperion™ is lightweight and highly ruggedised, ensuring that vibrations or dust settling have no impact on its operation. Internal sealing also safeguards the condition of Hyperion™, even in the event of water ingress.

Hyperion™ monitors and tracks the radiation peak and does not vary with temperature or age related drift. This provides a huge benefit to mining operators in that the instrument only needs to be calibrated if there is a change to the process.

Hyperion™ is also programmed with a self-calibration function which minimises possible errors in fluctuating process conditions (i.e. wear of pipes) to maintain the accuracy of density measurements.

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