Benefits for Flow Assurance

Discovery™ provides flow assurance specialists with a reliable method of diagnosing flow abnormalities within pipelines without interruption to pipeline operations.

Flow Assurance Specialists can now obtain an accurate measurement of hydrate and wax build-up in pipelines, which was previously impossible using any other technology.

Discovery™ can also diagnose the effectiveness of any remedial treatment.


This has several benefits for the operator:

  • Previously unobtainable data can now be obtained on . hydrate and wax build-up on pipelines to allow the . operator to optimise production
  • Measurements can be taken online with no interruption . to pipeline operations
  • There is no risk of a stuck pig
  • There is no risk to production as the measurements . are taken from the outside of the pipeline
  • No need to remove coatings (quickly deployed)
  • Immediate results
  • Can be used for the inspection of unpiggable pipelines
  • Non-intrusive detection
  • Easily deployed and simple operation through an ROV

Also suitable for:

  • Rigid pipelines
  • Flexible pipelines
  • Pipe-in-Pipe Systems
  • Risers, Caissons & Pipe Bundles
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