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Compositional Analysis

Tracerco recognises that radiochemical analysis often only provides limited information when characterising materials prior to waste sentencing. We therefore offer a range of chemical composition analyses to fully complement the radiochemical data that we also provide.

Compositional Analysis

Tracerco Analytical Services hold appropriate Environment Agency authorisations to allow us to receive and analyse NORM containing material and to therefore provide a single, cost effective point of contact for all of your characterisation requirements.

Our analytical methods follow industry standard best practice, and deliver the sensitivity and data assurance you would expect from the market leader. Adaptable to your needs, our professional chemists are able to deliver bespoke analytical solutions in addition to our standard analysis suites, which include:

  • Heavy metals including mercury
  • Total hydrocarbon (oil on sand)
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)
  • Triband TPH
  • Volatile organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Flash Point

For those times when results are needed urgently, we also offer a range of priority options in addition to our standard turnaround times. With results often available in as little as 24hours this enables us to report compositional data alongside the radiochemical aspect of the work.

For more information about Tracerco's compositional analysis service, please fill out a request for analysis form or contact a regional representative
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