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Environmental Radiochemistry Analysis

Tracerco's extensive experience in the detection and measurement of radioisotopes across several industry sectors ensures that we fully understand your radiochemical problems, and can offer a range of analytical services to ensure you comply with the requirements of your environmental and waste management responsibilities.

Environmental Radiochemistry Analysis

Gamma Spectrometry

We specialise in the full characterisation of a range of NORM materials. Typically including Ra-226, Pb-214, Bi-214, Pb-210, Ac-228, Pb-212, Bi-212, Tl-208, U-235 and Th-234, our high sensitivity detectors and tailored methods enable us to meet the stringent requirements of the current UK Environmental Permitting Regulations for both solid and aqueous wastes. Tracerco understands that this data is often required rapidly to meet operational demands, and we regularly provide urgent completion of radiochemical analysis within as little as 24 hours.

Alpha Spectrometry

Po-210 is an alpha emitting radionuclide and is currently reportable under the UK Environmental Permitting Regulations. Generally found in association with Pb-210, Tracerco is able to provide a rapid, cost effective analysis for this radioisotope in parallel to gamma spectrometry.

LSA produced water analysis

Developed specifically to serve the UK offshore oil and gas industry, we routinely determine levels of soluble and insoluble Ra-226 and Ac-228 in produced water destined for overboard discharge. Due to the low regulatory threshold levels for this type of discharge, an extended analysis period of up to 60 days is required to achieve sufficiently low limits of detection. In addition, a total Po-210 measurement is also included in this analysis suite.

Leak tests

Tracerco offer a full analytical and certification service for leak testing a variety of nucleonic devices. Determination of Cs-137, Am-241 and Co-60 are the commonly requested nuclides, however, analysis for a wide range of other non-natural isotopes is also available on request.

For more information about Tracerco's radiochemical analysis service, please fill out a request for analysis form or contact a regional representative.
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