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New NORM Analysis Service - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Tracerco is delighted to announce the launch of a new radiochemistry laboratory in Abu Dhabi. The new laboratory is equipped to measure Radium-226 and other common isotopes found in NORM materials such as sand, scale, sludge, wax and water. Our laboratory is situated in the Al Mussafah sector of Abu Dhabi and we are licensed by FANR.

Why we do NORM Analysis?

NORM is a known problem in the Oil and Gas industry and routine on-site monitoring should always be undertaken whenever NORM is suspected.

Measurements for NORM may be made in two ways:

  • On-site measurements can be carried out when breaking containment using a hand-held radiation contamination monitor with a Geiger Muller (GM) detector, such as the Tracerco NORM GM. This approach will identify if contamination is present and if further lab testing is required.
  • Our radiochemistry team can analyse a sample (scale, sand or sludge) taken from the process. The results will indicate the nature of the NORM and enable the operator to determine if the sample is radioactive according to local regulations. It will also enable the identification of specific isotopes present in the sample along with their activity concentration to be made. Both these pieces of information are required to identify the correct disposal route for NORM.

Why use Tracerco Analytical?

Radiochemistry laboratory conical cylinders with produced water
  • Given Tracerco's vast experience measuring NORM, you are assured accurate and reliable data.
  • Clear and informative reports designed around local regulatory framework to allow the direct comparison of results against threshold levels.
  • Using highly efficient procedures, the ability to complete analysis in as little as 24 hours when data is operation critical.
  • Interpretation of data against local threshold levels by radiation experts, providing simple classification of waste materials.
  • Our broad range of analytical experience and capital investment in state of the art equipment allows us to provide full chemical, compositional and Alpha Spectrometry analysis in addition to core gamma spectrometry from our other sites.
  • For convenience and safety, we can also supply appropriate sample kits to ensure samples arrive at our facility in the condition intended.

What is involved in lab testing?

  • A 50g sample is required to carry out the analysis and the turnaround is approximately 10 working days. Urgent turnaround in as little as 1 or 2 days is also available on gamma spec.
  • A variety of sample matrices containing NORM isotopes can be measured including; sand, scale, sludge, wax, condensates, sediments, soil, water, oil and filters.
  • The Tracerco NORM analysis suite includes key isotopes of interest; Radium-226, Actinium-228
    and Lead-210. Polonium-210 is also available as a separate test.

Radiochemistry laboratory gamma detector

Gamma Spectrometry

A principle detection technique for NORM is Gamma Spectrometry, providing a large amount of data efficiently and accurately. Tracerco operate Ortec high purity Germanium gamma spectrometers, selected for their excellent sensitivity, peak resolution and long-term reliability. An operational energy range of 40 to 1800 keV enables the quantification of the levels of the most common isotopes found.

Detection limits are isotope dependent, with Radium-226 being routinely detected down to 0.5Bq/g in solid matrices. We work closely with our customers to ensure that samples are counted for sufficient periods of time to meet the specifics of the project in hand.

Tracerco offer a comprehensive range of tests and services from their HQ labs including;

  • Alpha Spectrometry to measure Polonium, Uranium and Thorium isotopes.
  • ICP-MS to measure heavy and toxic metals.
  • GC-MS/FTIR to measure hydrocarbon content.

For more information about Tracerco's radiochemical analysis service contact

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