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Job Types

We offer a large range of job types at Tracerco.

Sales Engineers

The Sales Engineer role not only involves an in depth understanding of all the Tracerco products and technologies, but also an appreciation of these tools can be utilised to best serve the customer requirements. Successful candidates would need to demonstrate commercial acumen, and if this had been demonstrated in the Oil & Gas, Chemical or Nuclear industries, all the better. The Sales Engineer would have to be technically competent and qualifications or experience in an engineering discipline could demonstrate this. However, full training would be given in the Tracerco range of services. Good mobility is essential for this role.

Areas of the business applicable to: Measurement Instruments, Process Diagnostics

Field Engineers

Our Field Engineers work all over the world on a daily basis and opportunities exist for them to take secondments overseas at existing or new offices on a regular basis. If you are successful in obtaining a role you will be the face of Tracerco that the customer sees, therefore you will be expected to behave responsibly and professionally at all times. Our Field Engineers have had engineering experience and/or qualifications from the widest imaginable backgrounds, so as long as you can demonstrate you are technically competent, able to pick up new ideas and technologies and are fully mobile, then we want to hear from you. Full training on relevant Tracerco products, technology and equipment will be given so that you can have a broad base of experience and perhaps become an expert in a particular field.

Areas of the business applicable to: Process Diagnostics, Measurement Instruments, Subsea Technologies


We are looking for Physicists who have qualifications and experience across a broad base of disciplines. To be successful you must be able to design and construct experiments, which support the development of the existing portfolio of Specialist Measurement and Tracer techniques and products and formulate the next generation ideas. An ability to create and test mathematical models would be an advantage. Currently a background in radiation, ultrasonics or optics are of interest, but we are constantly on the look out for novel techniques and innovation that we can use to expand our product and service range to meet customer demand.

Areas of the business applicable to: Research & Development


We are particularly interested in people with a broad base in analytical chemistry, with very low-level detection techniques essential to our product assurance technologies. Gas Chromotography, Mass Spectometry and various wet analytical techniques are currently used extensively to both support our technology and respond to customer requests. We are also actively exploring how other analytical techniques can be used to improve or extend our portfolio of products and services. If you wish to use your analytical chemistry background in novel ways then Tracerco could offer you this opportunity.

Areas of the business applicable to: Research & Development, Reservoir Technologies, Product Assurance, Analytical Services


Much of the Tracerco technology is built on the application of Radioactive Tracers and their use for non-intrusive inspection of pipes, vessels and wells, mainly in the Oil & Gas industry. However, our services are increasingly used wherever such techniques or our expertise is handling or measuring radioactivity is required, such as the Chemical and Nuclear Industries or measurement of background or sample radioactivity. If successful you will be involved in existing product development and improvement, as well as exploring specific new applications for radioactive tracing technology. You will also get exposure to customers and clients as we offer our services to industry who require training/expertise in this specialised area.

Areas of the business applicable to: Radiochemists


Qualified Engineers from a wide background are of interest to Tracerco. Electronics Engineers are essential in the working design and production of Specialist Measurement and Monitoring devices. Mechanical Engineering expertise are required in the physical design and production of the instrumentation, which often need to be used in the harshest of conditions. Whilst Chemical Engineers can usefully understand and appreciate our customers plant, equipment and processes to give optimal solutions using our products and technologies. If you wish to use your engineering expertise in a novel environment, where practical thinking on your feet is essential then Tracerco could be the company for you.

Areas of the business applicable to: Research & Development, Monitors

Software Engineers

Tracerco supplies a range of portable and permanently installed measurement and monitoring devices. These need to be hardwearing and reliable, because they are going to be used in some of the most unforgiving environments in the world, such as off-shore and sub-sea. Reliability in the design of both the application and embedded software is where you might come in. If you want to apply your skills to innovative products solving novel problems in a dynamic and fast moving industry, then Tracerco could be the Company for you.

Areas of the business applicable to: Research & Development, Monitors

Radiation Protection Adviser

The Radiation Protection Adviser role supports a wide range of Tracerco's activities across the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries. The role involves providing expert radiological advice and training in support of Tracerco's global operations as well as working with agents outside the UK to provide sustainable revenue for the business. Successful candidates will be a qualified or experienced RPA, with the motivation to work offshore and worldwide. The Radiation Protection Adviser should have achieved current RPA 2000 accreditation, however full training can be provided.

Areas of the business applicable to: Radiation Protection

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