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Case Study

Confirm Oil Production in Cased Hole, Cemented Liner using Unique Tracer Technology

The Project

An oil field operator wished to confirm oil production from three discrete reservoir zones in a well completed with a cemented liner where the perforating gun system was to remain in the well after detonation.

Tracerco applied unique and patented perforation tracer technology to deliver:

  • Significant cost savings over conventional production logging tool use
  • A service with zero additional rig time
  • Confirmation of whether zones targeted for perforation were contributing to the total well production of the appraisal well during the well test
  • A technology with no requirement for well intervention

Well Specification

  • Sandstone reservoir – 500-1000mD
  • 1000m horizontal section
  • 4½" cemented liner
  • TCP – 27/8" perforating gun system
  • Reservoir Temperature / Pressure – 75 °C / 3900 psia

Tracerco Technology

The oil soluble tracers are designed to be applied externally to specific perforating gun joints which are subsequently run in hole. Tracerco’s perforating tracers are attached to a concentrated area on specific perforating gun joints. The tracer materials are then fully encapsulated to protect against well bore fluids and down hole gun running operations. Having a tracer material that is fully encapsulated removes any well bore fluid compatibility or abrasion issues. Unique tracer materials are located at different well bore depths.

Upon activation of the guns the tracers are carried along with the explosive pressure wave into the perforation tunnel, where they remain until the well is produced. If there is flow from the perforations containing tracer the material will be carried to the surface. Sampling of reservoir fluids during well clean up and first production and analysis using specialist equipment allows confirmation that a specific zone is flowing through identification and concentration of the tracer.

This technique provides qualitative data and is designed to be detectable for the period of the well test/ first production phase of the well.

In this particular project three unique tracer types were used with each one allocated to one of the three targeted zones.

Cemented liner


Sampling began immediately upon well production start-up and continued for the duration of the well test programme. The samples were analysed for the presence of all three tracer materials.

Project Results

All three tracers were detected, within the analytical limits of detection, over the sample time period. This confirmed to the operator that all three guns had triggered and that there was contribution to overall oil production from all three zones.

Perforation results

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PDF Case Study
PDF version of Confirm Oil Production in Cased Hole, Cemented Liner using Unique Tracer Technology case study.

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