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Leak Test of Underground Naptha Lines

Leak test naptha lineThe Tracerco Diagnostics Leak study technology has a wide range of applications as an on-line inspection tool to determine leakage. These include items such as Reboilers and Condensers, passing valves, Ammonia Converters, Vent systems and from underground pipelines.

One very recent project was for a major European Refinery where they were experiencing leakage of Naphtha from one of a number of underground Naphtha lines. This leakage was entering a sewerage drain and being a responsible operator they were very concerned at the environmental impact this was having. They requested our urgent response to seek the source of leakage.

The method employed involved the injection of a suitable strength of organic based radio tracer material. This tracer was injected into a point upstream of the underground sections of line to ensure that sufficient mixing took place. Samples were subsequently taken from an inspection pit where Naphtha could be seen seeping through the pit wall.

The general layout of the system is show by clicking on the image below :-

Leak test

Samples from the pit were taken at regular intervals overnight and assayed for leaked tracer material using a sensitive on-site counting system. Positive evidence of tracer material in the samples was detected approximately 7 hours after the injection.

We were therefore able to unequivocally confirm the clients thoughts, that the leak was from a particular Naphtha line. This saved the client the expense of testing other lines that could have been the source of leakage, which would have required more excavations and a significant increase in testing time.

The tested line has subsequently been exposed and the source of the leak has been successfully located.

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