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Pig Tracking Services During Repair of 24" Pipeline

Tracerco Asia were requested by a large Oil company in South East Asia to provide TRACERCO Diagnostics™ Pig Tracking services during the repair of a 24 inch Pipeline offshore Malaysia. A team of trained and experienced Tracerco carried out project in accordance with proven techniques and equipment.

The 24” pipeline had a damaged area on a pipe joint, which had been temporarily clamped. The aim of this job was to position and set one isolation Plug on each side of the damaged joint to allow repair without emptying / depressurising the pipeline. In order to minimise discharge to the environment, and allow the efficient repair, accurate and precise positioning of the isolation plugs was required. For this reason, small radioactive sources were attached to the plugs prior to launching, enabling them to be tracked and positioned to within 5cm accuracy using the TRACERCO Diagnostics™ Pig Tracking technique.

Tracking pigs with isotopes

Two BiDi pigs either side of the isolation plugs also had radioactive sources attached as shown above. The BiDi pigs were being utilised to provide additional sealing protection.

Pipeline pigging

The position of each isolation plug and pig was known at all times. After the launch, each pig was tracked through topside pipe work, ensuring transition through valves and departure from the platform. Tracercos Subsea Pig Tracking equipment deployed by ROV from the vessel confirmed movement and separation of each pig and plug. Tracking was continued from the vessel until the repair area about 10km from the receiving platform was reached and each pig and plug was stopped at the required position. The isolation plugs were then activated, and tracking equipment and personnel were on standby during the repair work.

After the repair was complete and the plugs deactivated, Tracercos Subsea Pig Tracking equipment was used to confirm movement of the Plugs towards the receiving platform. At the platform, the arrival of the BiDi’s and Plugs was confirmed by a Tracerco pig tracker on the riser and movement of the BiDi’s and Plugs were observed through isolation valves to the receiver. The radioactive sources were subsequently recovered and returned to the Tracerco Asia Office.

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