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Case Study

Reservoir Fluid In-flow Measurement from an Unconventional Oil Field Development

The Project

A customer requested a Tracerco fracture flow study that would allow oil in-flow behavior to be measured following completion of an unconventional well to better understand contribution from each stimulated interval.

Sixteen unique organic based tracers were selected for the project. Each tracer was injected at the leading edge of individual hydraulic fracture stages when first solids were added to the hydraulic fluids in order that the tracer would penetrate deep into the fracture structure and make contact with formation oil. During stimulation treatment, stage three was abandoned due to operational issues. Subsequent back flow of the well and analysis of tracer presence in oil samples allowed relative oil flow contribution from each stage to be measured.

In-flow Measurement Graph
Well Specification
The horizontal oil well at 2km 928mTVD was located in the Eagle Ford Shale and it was planned to carry out a 16 stage hydraulic fracture program. These would be evenly distributed along the well bore length at 300 feet intervals.

Tracerco Technology
The specialist oil based tracers have a high affinity for oil and are very insoluble in water. As such they readily partition from the water into the oil phase upon contact with reservoir oil and allow the source of oil flow to be determined. The technology also allows confirmation that flow is occurring from the toe end of a well through downhole equipment after stimulation activities have been completed.

Following completion of the stimulation the well was flowed to clean up and start production. 25ml samples of oil were collected on a regular basis and analysis for tracer presence carried out using specialist equipment.

Results reveal initial oil flow from stages closer to the heel of the well with mid point being very low and toe flow response from only the last two stages. As flow continues, toe flow overall contribution increases but mid well flow continues to be relatively low with as many as four stages contributing zero to the overall production.

Tight Oil Field Development In-Flow Measurement

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PDFCase Study
PDF version of Reservoir Fluid In-flow Measurement from a Tight Oil Field Development case study.

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