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Intelligent Data Diagnostics

Data analytics reduces costs, optimises processes and increases asset utilisation

A key US customer presented Tracerco with a challenge to assist plant operators in understanding the efficiency of a critical reactor utilised on their plant. Our unique data analysis could potentially lead to a 8-10% increase in asset utilisation, enabling increased production throughput, reducing costs and extending asset use, as well as deferring capex spend on upgrades. Additionally, through better process understanding, tolerances on product quality have been improved leading to further significant savings.

“The work that Tracerco has done and the algorithms they have developed are picking up issues we could never have achieved on our own”

Key US Customer

Unlocking the value of historic data with custom algorithms

Working closely with our customer we applied our process diagnostic and scientific skills to bring together millions of historic data points.

Tracerco has developed intelligent data diagnostics and used analysis to identify key signatures in time-series data to allow the different steps in the process to be characterised, distinguishing between batches and extracting additional key statistical metrics.

Our mathematical and software tools help analyse processes to understand and resolve issues. These include yield improvements, quality improvements, reducing tolerances and understanding the critical parameters that affect these things to optimise process and enable maximum value.

Providing Insight Onsite™

New Insights

Discover new information about your process by combining and analysing existing data

Secure Online Storage

Keep your data secure in the cloud with our ISO 27001 certified online storage facility

Big Data

Use the latest bespoke tools to extract meaning from vast quantities of unstructured data

Experience and Expertise

Tracerco has almost 60 years experience helping customers across industry understand and optimise processes

Looking to unlock the value of your data?

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