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Accurate, reliable bulk level and density measurement

Designed using innovative scintillator based technology, Hyperion™ is a non-contact, no moving parts measurement solution that provides accurate and extremely reliable bulk level and density measurements. This enables operators in the oil, gas, petrochemical, refining and mining industries to solve the most challenging process measurement and control problems.

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Reliable and Stable:
Externally mounted, eliminating possible leak paths, this extremely robust solution is not affected by adverse process conditions such as high pressures, extreme temperatures, fouling or corrosive fluids. Hyperion™ also comes with unrivalled stability and automatically compensates for the effects of ambient temperature changes, allowing for sustained accuracy and virtually no age-related drift in its measurements.

Continuous Operation:
Housed in 316L stainless steel as a standard, Hyperion™ is highly ruggedised, ensuring that vibrations or dust settling has no impact on its operation. Internal sealing also safeguards the condition of Hyperion™, even in the event of water ingress.

With an enhanced self-diagnostics capability and built in condition monitoring, Hyperion™ can monitor health status and relative humidity, predict component failures and provide an end of life estimation. This allows operators to diagnose why errors in the measurement may be occurring, providing a proactive and cost-effective approach to the planning of any maintenance on equipment.

Hyperion™ can interconnected using Tracerco's Daisy Chain software feature. This allows an extended measurement range for level applications over 3000mm. Hyperion™ can also be interfaced with Tracerco's Toolbox software to provide a continuous and accurate visual of the instruments operating performance.

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