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Bulk Level and Interface Measurement

Recognised for innovation by the Institute of Physics, Tracerco has successfully leveraged it's tried and tested hardware platforms with its ground breaking next generation accurate non-contact level and interface solutions.

Our bulk level and interface measurement includes:

Hyperion ALT

Hyperion™ ALT

This is an advanced nucleonic level instrument, combining ultra-small radioisotopes with high sensitivity. The Hyperion™ ALT offers high accuracy, self-diagnostics and advanced signal processing.


Optimus™ BUG

In the presence of pressure changes and process deposits, the Optimus™ BUG is the first and only nucleonic instrumentation to provide repeatable and highly accurate nucleonic level measurement.

Tracerco™ Interface Gauge

Interface Gauge

A nucleonic interface system used to provide phase interface information. The Interface Gauge can be custom made to suit any plant vessel or pipe.

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