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Optimus™ BUG

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The first and only nucleonic instrumentation to provide a highly accurate and repeatable nucleonic level measurement in the presence of process deposits and pressure changes.

Using Tracerco's patented technology, Optimus™ BUG is a breakthrough in level measurement. Unique processing algorithms provide unparalleled insight into vessel operating conditions, monitoring what occurs in the vapour space allowing the extent of deposition to be identified.


Saving Time and Money

Optimus™ BUG has no moving parts and does not have contact with the process. It has the ability to deliver consistent, accurate and repeatable level measurements, regardless of process conditions, resulting in:

  • Reduced unplanned shutdowns.
  • Improved product quality.
  • Process optimisation.
  • Operator confidence to increase production and maximise throughput by running at the desired level, avoiding the negative impact of 'losing' real liquid or slurry levels.
  • Monitor deposit build-up.
  • Redundancy of measurement

High Accuracy and Performance

Optimus™ BUG provides operators with accurate and repeatable level measurement even in the presence of deposit build-up and vapour density fluctuations. The instrument is unaffected by temperature and process conditions. It is able to detect and monitor solid deposition.


The advanced signal processing and improved system stabilisation enables source optimisation. The external mounting of the instrument means that process break-ins are kept to a minimum.


Our robust and fault tolerant hardware is proven in use for high operating temperatures.

Typical Applications

Optimus™ BUG is designed for liquid level, interface, density measurements and solids monitoring in upstream and downstream vessels. Optimus™ BUG nucleonic instrumentation is suitable for the most challenging oil, chemical and petrochemical industry applications, including those with the potential for solids deposition and extremes of temperature and pressure.

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