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Dosevision™ Software

The PC software interface for the PED-IS, PED Blue and PED+ has been specifically designed and developed to be simple, interactive and intuitive to use. DoseVision™ allows users to set alarm levels, create reports, assign users to the PED and download and analyse data. The Tracerco PEDs have been designed to 'Keep Things Simple' and this is reflected in the software.

Benefits of the software include:

  • View dose rate, dose and accumulated dose data
  • Highlight peak dose rates
  • Quick task data viewer
  • Data export option and report generation
  • Easily upgrade device firmware
  • Password protection option so that data and alarm levels can be maintained at administration level
  • Latest Software and firmware updates available free of charge from our website
  • Simple management of PED users
  • GPS data logging when using PED+

Tracerco™ DoseVision Software

DoseVision™ Live

DoseVision™ Live is the new android mobile application for use with the PED+. The app enables users to connect to up to 7 PED+ devices using the inbuilt Bluetooth module and monitor workers radiation dose in real time. The app also displays live status updates including battery life, stay time and peak rate

Benefits of DoseVision™ Live include:

  • Simple, Bluetooth connectivity
  • Live Dose data
  • Can monitor up to 7 devices
  • Live status updates

Tracerco™ DoseVision Software

For more information about Dosevision and Dosevison Live please fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you

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