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Radiation Monitor Hire

In addition to the range of radiation monitors available for purchase from Tracerco, we also offer our full range of monitors for hire.

Monitors available for hire include:

From our intrinsically safe range:

  • TRACERCO NORM Monitor-IS - Full Kit
  • TRACERCO NORM Monitor-IS - Scint
  • TRACERCO T202 Dose Rate Monitor
  • TRACERCO Personal Electronic Dosimeter (PED)

From our standard range:

  • TRACERCO T401 Contamination Monitor
  • TRACERCO T402 Dose Rate Monitor
  • TRACERCO T403 Contamination Monitor
  • TRACERCO T406 X-Ray Monitor

Hire monitors can often be provided with rapid delivery so if you have an urgent requirement for a Radiation Monitor, we can meet your needs.

As well as the Tracerco range of monitors for hire, we also have a number of other manufacturers monitors available.

For more information on Tracerco's monitor hire services please fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you.

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