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Tracerco™ Mud Monitor

Tracerco offer a wide range of radiation monitors, including the Tracerco™ Mud Monitor.

Confirm radioactive source integrity during LWD using the TRACERCO™ Mud Monitor. Do not risk radiation exposure. Use the TRACERCO™ Mud Monitor to protect your crew!

Mud Monitor

During drilling operations a radioactive source is often used to log reservoir properties. Incidents have occurred where the radioactive source has been damaged by the drill bit resulting in contamination of the drilling mud and the mud tank leading to potential radiation exposure of workers. Previously, drilling specialists have been unaware of this occurrence! To ensure protection of crew and equipment when using a radioactive source Tracerco has developed the TRACERCO™ Mud Monitor. At present this is used by all major drilling companies to ensure safe working conditions are maintained. The TRACERCO™ Mud Monitor is intrinsically safe (has been tested and certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, zones 0, 1 and 2). The instrument is easily clamped to the outside of the mud circulation system via the powerful magnet provided. A sensitive detector links with the directional drilling control system. The instrument continuously monitors background radiation levels. If an increase in radiation is detected the system gives a clear signal to the crew of downhole radioactive source leakage.

Mud monitor
  • Provides an analogue output proportional to radiation intensity.
  • Continuously monitors detector condition and provides an alarm on detector failure.
  • Unaffected by hostile processes.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very reliable.
  • Fast response.
  • Radiation monitoring via a stand alone alarm unit, or integrated into your DCS or SCADA system.

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