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Tracerco™ NORM Monitor-IS

For the ultimate tool to obtain accurate NORM measurements in hazardous areas, choose the Tracerco™ NORM Monitor-IS.

  • Intrinsically safe
  • Easy to use
  • Rugged and waterproof design

The Tracerco™ NORM Monitor-IS, suitable for those working in Oil & Gas, Nuclear, CBRNe & Emergency Services, NDT and Environmental and Waste Management industries, is a ground breaking, ATEX approved instrument, with dual probe capabilities; Geiger Muller (GM) and scintillator that for the first time, enables users to monitor NORM in all conditions.

NORM monitor-IS

The scintillation probe brings new benefits, such as:

  • Being robust and suitable for use in challenging conditions.
  • Having the ability to undertake surveys of external walls for internal deposits of NORM.*
  • Has 360 degree detection capability
The GM probe provides the traditional benefits of:
  • Perfect for alpha and beta measurement
  • High sensitivity to Lead-210 NORM
  • Bq/cm2 output for typical NORM isotopes Scintillator: CPS, μSv/h, GM: CPS, Bq/cm2. All modes have background subtraction option CPM and μR/h option available for USA
The Tracerco™ NORM Monitor-IS is lightweight and easy to use, yet also robust and reliable. It comes complete with a practical and secure carrying holster for ease of use.

Additional product benefits include:
  • One-touch integrate function that allows detection of very low activities for increased measurement accuracy.
  • Live background subtraction and several measurement modes (counts per second, count per minute, dose rate and surface activity).
  • Recalibration of the instrument undertaken without the handset (spare probes can be supplied to eliminate downtime).
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds for improved safety.
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate Scintillator: IP67, GM: IP34, Handset: IP65.
  • Large, easy to read LCD screen with bar-graph and backlight.
Tracerco™ NORM Monitor-IS Options

The Tracerco™ NORM Monitor-IS is available to purchase with different combinations of handset and probes depending on your requirements. This includes:
  • NORM Monitor-IS kit - complete kit with handset, GM and scintillator probes, holster and shock proof carry case.
  • NORM Monitor-IS Scintillator - Handset with scintilliator probe, holster and shock proof carry case.
  • NORM Monitor-IS GM - Handset with GM probe and probe skid.

Tracerco™ NORM Monitor-IS Accessories


To reduce monitor downtime the Tracerco™ NORM Monitor-IS can be supplied with spare, pre-calibrated scintillator and GM probes. As calibration data is stored on the probe, a spare probe can simply be attached and used immediately.

Other useful accessories include:

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Please contact us for more information about the Tracerco™ NORM Monitor-IS or fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you.

Customer Testimonials

"The Tracerco NORM monitor is a versatile operational instrument for assessing the presence and extent of radioactivity in many situations including both personnel and equipment checks. The controls are straightforward and provide simple direct readings in cps, Bq/cm2 and the integrated count option provides confidence in clearance monitoring. The intrinsically safe nature of the unit allows for immediate deployment without the need for prior gas testing"

Roger Bond Owner, NORMTEC
(20 years experience of monitoring in the Oil & Gas industry)

"I have been working with NORM and TENORM for the past 25 years and have found the Tracerco NORM Monitor-IS to be heads and shoulders above all other survey instruments in its class. I specifically like the versatility of the instrument in that a gamma probe can be switched out with an alpha/beta probe in the field without having the instrument re-calibrated. This eliminates the need for me to carry two different types of instruments. The fact that the instrument is intrinsically safe is an enormous plus as explosive atmospheres are often encountered in my line of work.

The company I work for performs work both in the United States and internationally and its great to have an instrument that can read out in both U.S. and international units of measurement. The backlit auto-ranging digital readout is easy to understand and leaves no room for interpretation errors and the live background subtraction feature has come in handy more than once. I especially appreciate that the instrument is waterproof, weatherproof, and shock proof as my company often performs survey outdoors in rough environments. The belt holster to carry the instrument is greatly appreciated by myself and fellow workers as we often need to climb towers and ladders when performing surveys.

I fact that the instrument can be recalibrated without the handset and that only the probes need to be re-calibrated makes calibration extremely convenient. I have an extra set of probes that I use when calibration is needed so that I am not without an instrument during the calibration process.

I highly recommend the Tracerco NORM Monitor-IS for anyone performing NORM or TENORM work or other low-level environmental radiation surveys."

Mark W. Krohn - Vice-President / Senior Health Physicist, SC&A, Inc
(25 years' experience of monitoring and teaching NORM)

"The Tracerco range is now my instrument range of choice for NORM and TENORM monitoring applications when advising my customers in the UK and for those operating internationally. The NORM Monitor offers an excellent combination of functions that covers the day to day monitoring requirements from checking personnel out of controlled areas to assessing residues, debris and equipment. They are very user friendly and so can be put to use in the field quickly and effectively. Instrumentation needs to be much more robust and being intrinsically safe is almost a necessity now and the NORM Monitor meets these criteria. The most useful features Ive found are the fully interchangeable probes, integrated counting function, and ability to swap between gamma dose rate and counting mode. I highly recommend these instruments"

Clare Irving - CRadP, MSRP, MRSC, BSc(Hons), Director Centurion Radiation Safety

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