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Pipeline Pig Tracking

A Proven System For Locating Lost Pigs

Tracerco pig tracking systems provide fast, reliable, effective and accurate tracking and detection of subsea pigs. Our proven pig tracking system means an operator will know exactly where a pig is during an inspection or cleaning activities as well as the speed of the pig. The operator can use this data to minimise the risk of damage and maximise throughput. In addition, rapid pig detection ensures that time is saved in locating any lost or stuck pigs preventing any significant financial losses for pipeline operators. Stuck pigs with no tracking device attached can also be located with Tracerco Explorer™.

Our technologies are applicable to the full pipeline life cycle:

  • Pre-Commissioning/commissioning
  • Inspection
  • Operational
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Abandonment
  • Decommissioning

Established to provide 100% accurate, safe and reliable pipeline pig tracking, Tracerco's pig tracking systems can provide fast, effective and complete control of subsea pig tracking, positioning and location and is applicable to any line diameter and wall thickness, including pipe-in-pipe.

As a world leading innovator of specialist detection systems, Tracerco has made a number of strategic improvements to enhance its reliability, lifetime and versatility so that we can provide an even better service to our customers and users.

Our tracking systems ensure real time data collection and optimized use of ROV's and divers. With proven reliability, our pig tracking systems can be deployed throughout the full life cycle of a pipeline. Accurate pig tracking is necessary from pre-commissioning through operational requirements to de-commissioning. During activities such as tool isolation and positioning (accurate to +/- 5cm), flooding, cleaning, gauging or dewatering, inline or MFL inspection in steel, rigid or pipe in pipe systems or within buried pipelines you can be secure in the knowledge the location of the pig or tool is known. Accurate and reliable pig tracking can also be applied to foam pigs as part of a pipeline cleaning testing run.

For more information on Tracerco pig tracking systems please fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you.

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