TracercoTM Insights Platform

Your platform for digital scan reports and enhanced process insights

Secure online scan reporting

The TracercoTM Insights Platform gives you secure online access to all reports from your tower scanning projects.  Through the platform, you can track the status of scanning projects, explore interactive reports and access a library of historic scan data to help with preventative maintenance. Built using industry-standard secure cloud services, you can be sure your information is protected.

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Your enhanced digital scan reports

By having your scan reports available in our online platform, we can offer you even more insights from our expert diagnostics team to help you optimise your processes and increase efficiencies.

Fast, secure access

Your report is available upon scan completion, giving you immediate access to your data.

Preventative insights

Having access to your historical scan reports can help you with preventative maintenance, saving time and money.

Stay in control

Track projects from request through to final report and organise scans by site and unit.

Interactive digital reports

As well as receiving a post-scan debrief from our onsite team of engineers and written report, the results of your scan will now be available digitally on the Process Insights Platform. The digital report allows interactive exploration of the scan data alongside the summary analysis from our engineers.

Stay organised

All scanning jobs can be tracked through the TracercoTM Insights Platform, which provides a quick and easy way to plan and review all scanning projects.

Tower assets and their reports can also be arranged by unit and site, helping you to easily find the data you’re looking for.

Compare historic scans

Data from scans performed on the same tower can be can presented in one interactive report, allowing you to visualise and understand changes over time. By having all of our historic scan data available you can identify potential issues quickly, saving time and reducing costs associated with any remediation required.

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To learn more about the TracercoTM Insights Platform, provide feedback or enquire with our technical team about how our scanning technology can provide you with the insights you need to optimise your processes:

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