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Fuel Marking and Product Authentication

Tracerco's fuel marking solution provides rapid and incontrovertible evidence of the authenticity of fuel.

To date, our technology has helped our customers to recover millions of dollars across a range of markets. The Tracerco offering includes both the technology to detect the product fraud and the management information system that enables results to be turned into actionable, value-adding, outcomes.

Tracerco plays a vital role in detecting and deterring:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Fuel grade swapping
  • Tax and duty evasion
  • False product liability issues
  • Product dilution and adulteration
  • Product license abuse
  • Smuggling
  • Parallel imports

TagTrax™ is Tracerco's intelligent data analytics and management information system which offers real time results and insights and allows analysis of historical data to enable customers to identify trends, plan sampling, and take action if malpractice is found.

All of our products and marking services are designed to address precise customer needs. They range from marker system supply through to full turnkey project management.

Six decades of tracer technology science allows us to deliver marker programs that have no detectable impact on production efficiency or product performance.

To learn more about our fuel marking and product authentication programs, or to discuss a potential application with one of our technical advisors, please contact us.

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