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At Tracerco, we are committed to health and safety, delivering a sustainable environmental performance and conducting our business ethically.

Health and Safety Policy

Tracerco is committed to ensuring staff receive training and support to enable the company to meet and exceed clients' requirements in a safe and efficient manner. We are compliant with the relevant in-country safety standards and regulations such as OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) as well as international standards e.g. IAEA, IATA, IMDG.

Tracerco is committed to:-

Provide the resources required for safety issues to be given the right priority.
Ensure accountability and responsibility for safety as this is a fundamental principle of everyone's role in Tracerco.
Provide leadership and commitment to the on-going improvement of safety across all our operations.
Investigate incidents to identify root cause and take appropriate actions to prevent re-occurrence.
Follow our behavioral safety programs and enhance the competence of our employees through education, training and awareness.
Provide commitment to comply with all applicable legal requirements and standards.

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Our Environmental Policy

Evaluate environmental impact in projects so we can deliver a sustainable environmental performance.
Promote programs to achieve energy and resource efficiency.
Promote continual improvements in waste management including prevention, minimisation and recycling
Ensure all Tracerco employees understand their responsibilities for environmental matters by providing education, training and awareness.
Ensure continual improvement in the prevention of environmental pollution and protect the environment from harm
Tracerco is committed to sustain environmental targets and compliance with all applicable legal requirements and standards

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We comply with Johnson Matthey's global Code of Ethics 'Doing the Right Thing' which helps our employees live our values and conduct business ethically. For more information, visit


Tracerco's Quality Management System has been independently assessed by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) since 1993. We have a long standing accreditation for ISO 9001. For more information visit

Tracerco also effectively manages its environmental impact. We have a long standing UKAS-accredited ISO 14001 certification.

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