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Biofuel Supply Chain Monitoring

The international community is under pressure to increase its reliance on renewable energy sources and reduce our dependency on petroleum based products. National governments introduce subsidies to encourage producers of biofuels so that they can compete with petroleum-based fuels. In some instances, blending strategies are implemented to enable the successful adoption of biofuels entering the market.


It is firmly embedded into Tracerco’s culture to provide sustainable and innovative solutions.

When introducing biodiesel or bioethanol to the fuel supply chain, governments or fuel companies implement our technology as part of wider anti-adulteration, quality assurance or brand protection programs. Our technology reinforces confidence in product quality and confirms its origin from sustainable sources rather than from a supplier engaged in environmentally destructive practices.

Molecular markers developed by Tracerco are reliable and accurately detected at very low levels. Analysis of the molecular markers within biofuels can be carried out using conventional laboratory analysis or in the field using fully customised, highly accurate analytical instruments.

Conventional infrared detection techniques used to determine the concentration of biodiesel blended with regular diesel can be subject to substantial errors. Our technology eliminates any uncertainty,

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our molecular marker technologies or would like to discuss a potential application with one of our Technical Advisors.

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