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Brand Protection and Product Authentication

Tracerco's overt and covert authentication technologies enable brand owners to combat adulteration, counterfeiting and false liability claims across a range of product types and markets.

Product fraud reduces manufacturer revenues, damages brand value and consumer confidence, harms consumers, reduces government income and funds crime and terrorism.

Tracerco has a range of unique technologies and platforms for in-product and on-product use that allow us to design and develop customer specific solutions for varied applications.

Tracerco supports its clients' brand protection strategy with both the authentication technology to rapidly identify illicit product in the field and with our analytics and project management tools, to take timely executive action.

To find out more about our brand protection and product authentication solutions or how we can resolve your specific needs, please contact us.

Examples include:

SensusTM 40

Sensus™ 40

A global market leader of decorative coatings faced counterfeiting of its products. Tracerco produced a bespoke version of the highly sensitive Sensus™ 40 technology to give the client a simple, rapid non-destructive field test.



Faced with concerns over false liability claims resulting from substitution of its product by inferior copies, a global market leader asked Tracerco to deliver a fast field test for authenticating the product. Following a rapid development program, Tracerco deployed the exceedingly field friendly, instant read Apollo™ technology.



A manufacturer of a safety critical speciality fibre had concerns about product counterfeiting. Tracerco's Invidia™ technology delivered a quantifiable authentication solution that had no impact on the fibre spinning operation nor on any of the product's vital performance characteristics.



When a supplier of a serialisation solution required a technology which added multi layered overt and covert authentication via the serialisation ink, Tracerco's ilumink™ satisfied all their requirements.



Tracerco developed a food use approved marker system using a derivation of the Nemesis Technology for addition to palm oil sourced from approved plantations to satisfy European food producers and retailers that bulk palm shipments originated from sustainable sources.

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