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InvidiaTM - Forensic Product Protection

Invidia™ has been specifically developed for the covert marking of polymers and synthetic fibres.

Invidia is a quantitative marking system that has no impact on production processes or final product properties making it the ideal choice for protecting high value technical polymers and fibres.

This quantifiable marker system can be supplied as a masterbatch or as a solution.

It is highly covert and extremely difficult to counterfeit. The non-toxic markers are included in the marked products at low ppb levels which makes them virtually impossible for counterfeiters to isolate whilst ensuring they do not impact the product or production.

Invidia™ utilises highly specialised forensic (lab based) marker analysis techniques to identify and quantify the marker which counterfeiters would find impossible to replicate. The taggants are present at levels lower than many naturally occurring background contaminants in the marked products.

A manufacturer of a safety critical speciality fibre had concerns about product counterfeiting. Tracerco's Invidia™ technology delivered a quantifiable authentication solution that had no impact on the fibre spinning operation nor on any of the product's vital performance characteristics. Click here to read the case study.

To learn more about how Invidia™ and other Tracerco technologies can help protect your products please contact us.

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