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Case Study - Crop Protection

Tracerco's innovative chemistry delivers marking solution where all others failed

Tracerco was approached by a global producer of crop protection chemicals who wished to mark a key active ingredient in all of the formulations produced by themselves and licensed users. They had for some time sought a marking solutions for this chemical which was increasingly under attack from counterfeit product.

Crop Spraying

All existing marker technologies they had tried had failed due to the markers being lost following precipitation and washing steps in their manufacturing process.

Tracerco's R&D scientists consulted with the customer's process chemists understanding the synthesis of the active ingredient in detail before developing a solution for the customer. The patented technology involved substitution of a minute portion one of the key reagents in the synthesis process to create a detectable analogue of the active ingredient that was then detectable via a simple lab test on the finished formulations using Sensus™ technology.

Tracerco provided the customer with a bespoke authentication solution where none had existed before. Our customer was delighted by the innovative solution to a previously unsolved problem.

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