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Case Study - Industrial Coating

Apollo™ technology adapted to mark high volume industrial coating.

A global market leader in industrial coatings was concerned about product substitution by generic copies of their coating and subsequent liability issues and damage to brand value.

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Our customer had the capability to fingerprint their coatings in the laboratory, an expensive process taking days of skilled scientists' time which produced inconclusive results. The requirement therefore was for a rapid, field deployable, in-product authentication technology which did not impact on the performance of their product and its complex chemistry in use.

The Apollo™ marker family was identified as having the best testing characteristics for the customer but the first issues to overcome were the high marker cost in a product produced in 1000's of tonnes per annum and the dense nature of the customer's product which would attenuate the marker signature. Tracerco solved these issues by coming at them from two directions: Tracerco's chemists identified markers with strong emissions in a non visible area of the spectrum and Tracercos instrument experts developed readers taking the detection limits down to single digit ppm levels even in this difficult product.

The end result was an affordable field readable marking solution delivering instant authentication of the customer's product.

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