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Case Study - Invidia™

Invidia™ technology for high value polymers and synthetic fibres.

A manufacturer of a safety critical speciality fibre was worried about product counterfeiting and product substitution. Counterfeiting and/or substitution with inferior fibres had massive end user safety implications in addition to the normal financial losses the brand owner was suffering through product fraud.

The client required a technology which would not only authenticate the product but had to be compatible with the production process and not interfere with the critical properties of the fibre. As the client's product is frequently blended with other fibres in the final product, they required a quantifiable solution which would confirm the right proportioning of genuine fibre in the end product.

The Tracerco Invidia™ markers are fully soluble and contain no particulate matter. Development trials proved they had no impact on fibre extrusion efficiency nor on any of the fibre properties. Invidia™ delivered a quantifiable authentication solution that could detect product fraud whilst being total compatible with the raw material preparation and spinning process. All tests proved Invidia has zero impact on the safety critical product.

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