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Nemesis™ portable analyser

Tracerco has developed the world's only truly portable analyser for measuring non launderable fuel and solvent markers in the field as part of its Nemesis fuel security platform.

Nemesis in the field

The analyser is a bespoke solution and not just a rebranding of existing technology. It has been specifically designed to give fast, quantitative analysis of covert fuel markers in the field

It is hand portable, fits easily into a standard car, so there's no need for a designated vehicle which criminals could recognise. It can be quickly and easily moved to connect to a mains power source.

It is fully ruggedised, having undertaken various vibration, drop and water ingress tests to internationally recognised standards. It can be powered in a variety of ways including by its own power pack, or a generator and has an internal gas supply.

Tracerco is at the forefront of developing technologies to counter fraud, counterfeiting and other forms of illicit trade and our technology is estimated to have recovered billions in lost revenues in recent years.

It doesn't need to start-up every time it's moved as it has an internal battery to ensure that the detectors are always ready to use.

Results are available quickly and easily in around one minute with repeat analysis possible in 5 minutes. Due to its high accuracy, detection can be down to extremely low levels of adulteration in the field.

Nemesis™ Specification Table

Detection LimitLinear over 5% - 100% tag level, < 15 ppb LOD
Response timeAround 1 minute
Cycle time 5 minutes
Fuel typeGasoline
Laundering techniques Acid
UV light
Dimensions50 cm x 30.5 cm x 46 cm
PowerMains electricity or docking station
CommunicationsControl and data acquisition from any laptop via USB
ComplianceVibrational testing to EN 60068-2-64, drop tested. CE certified and waterproof to IP67 (1 m).

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Please contact us if you would like to know more about Nemesis™ or would like to discuss a potential application with one of our technical advisors.

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