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Analyser compensating for background colour and fluorescence

Veritas is an advanced molecular marker system that provides our customers with the ability to uniquely fingerprint their fuel products with the latest fluorescent technology.


Unlike conventional technology, Veritas enables accurate measurements of the marker by compensating for the natural and variable background colour and fluorescence of the fuel.

The patented technology uses a truly portable analyser to provide a rapid in-field marker analysis directly in the fuel matrix. The covert marker is added at parts per billion levels and has no impact on the colour or any other aspect of the fuel's specification. The marker is supplied as a low hazard formulation and contains only Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen The consumables in each analysis are designed for ease of use and disposability, with minimal operator training required.

The low-maintenance analyser has a rechargeable battery life of over 48 hours. It is supplied in a robust, waterproof case. The output can be customised using the touchscreen and configured to provide either quantitative or qualitative results. All analyses can be automatically recorded with password protection enabled for stored results. Data can be downloaded either by SD card or USB connection.

If you would like to know about the various product assurance and brand assurance technologies that have been specifically developed or would like to discuss a potential application with Tracerco please contact a Technical Advisor.

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