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Subsidised Fuel Protection

In order to protect populations from large oil and gas commodity price changes, many governments around the world introduce programs to provide subsidised fuels for domestic, transportation or agricultural use. These social programs can create a significant price difference between subsidised and non-subsidised fuels. This frequently leads to criminals diverting subsidised fuels away from the people it is intended to help, into the fuel supply chain.

Fuel pumps and nemesis

To prevent illegal use of subsidised fuels, governments employ a range of molecular markers and visible dyes to differentiate between subsidised and non subsidised fuel types. Unfortunately, criminals have devised methods to remove the dyes and markers and divert the "laundered" fuel back into normal supply chains. In addition this fuel can be transported across national borders into countries with less favourable subsidisation programs. This weakness in molecular marker and dye technology has resulted in significant revenue generation for the criminals and severe taxation losses for governments.

To eliminate this problem, technology has been developed and deployed by Tracerco specifically for use in subsidised fuels. Our tailor made markers are highly resistant to removal by criminals. Once added to the fuel, the markers are accurately detected using field deployable Tracerco™ Nemesis analyser units.

The technology allows authorities to stop and sample suspect fuel at any time in any place and immediately verify if the fuel is legal or illegal. If the results provide evidence that the sample is illegal, the fuel can be impounded and steps taken to prosecute those involved.

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Please contact us if you would like to know more about our subsidised fuel tagging technology or would like to discuss a potential application with one of our technical advisors.

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