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Fuel Marking Programs

Tracerco is a world leader in detection and diagnostic solutions for the Oil and Gas industry with a proven track record of innovation stretching back over 50 years.

Fuel pumps and nemesis

Our unique combination of multidisciplinary scientists and engineers, field implementation and data management technology, means we can successfully deliver bespoke technical solutions to fully satisfy client needs. We can then advise, design and implement fully managed fuel marking programmes to combat fuel dilution, smuggling and adulteration.

Tracerco has the most innovative, advanced and compete set of solutions for any fuel marking program. One of our long running programs in South America has been responsible for over 1750 prosecutions, fines of more than US $260 million and the estimated recovery of US $4 billion in taxation revenue. This has brought about the near elimination of road fuel adulteration with solvents in that country.

Trust and confidentiality are paramount in our working with customers to allow them to effectively authenticate fuel, counter corruption and recover tax. All of our fuel marking programs are fully bespoke and flexible to meet specific client needs.

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To learn more about our fuel marking programs or to discuss a potential application with one of our technical advisors, please fill out an enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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