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Fuel Marking - Forensic Evidence of Fuel Fraud

Tracerco is the leader in fuel marking technology and innovation. Our robust fuel marking programs can combat adulteration, smuggling, counterfeiting and grade swapping.

Tracerco's sophisticated analytical instruments, markers and project management system mean that forensic evidence of fuel fraud can be gathered through the whole supply chain, from refineries through to the retail sale of fuel products.

Our markers are added at a very low level; they do not affect the colour, quality or performance of the product and can only be detected using Tracerco's technology. This is a secure and covert identification stamp ensuring the product is protected. With high levels of accuracy and ultra-low limits of detection, the evidence gathered can be used to challenge adulteration, smuggling, counterfeiting and grade swapping.

As well as having a number of established technology platforms, we can also provide bespoke solutions for specific client problems. For more information contact us.



This platform combines a range of completely non-launderable fuel markers with sensitive detection instruments. It includes the world's first truly portable analyser for the quantitative measurement of non-launderable markers in the field.



This is an advanced marker system that provides our customers with the technology to uniquely fingerprint their fuel products - especially effective where adulteration of the marked product needs to be detected or branded products need to be identified. It is the fuel marking industries most robust, portable and easy to use instrument.



This is the world's smallest and advanced instrument for fuel adulteration detection - where use of highly covert markers are advantageous.

We have extensive experience with petroleum production, distribution and fuel marking and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the problems that face the industry. This allows us to design customised solutions and build marking programs to ensure product integrity and assist with the supply chains recovering lost revenue. Tracerco takes care of every step of the process starting with the importation of the marker all the way through to the generation of reports from product testing.

To learn more about our fuel marking programs, or to discuss a potential application with one of our technical advisors, please contact us.

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