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SensusTM 40 Advanced Product Protection

The Sensus™ 40 technology allows a unique and covert fingerprint to be incorporated within a product, the detection of which provides ultimate confidence in the authenticity of a fuel or other product.

Tracerco initially designed Sensus™ 40 for the protection of AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) Sensus™ 40 can also be used to identify the adulteration of a marked fuel or other product .

This versatile technology has been adapted for the identification of materials, for example paints and agricultural chemicals. Sensus™ 40 is the world's smallest instrument for fuel adulteration analysis and brand protection.

The technology offers a number of key benefits over typical in-product brand protection solutions. These include markers which require very low marking levels with unique fingerprints, fast analysis and the pocket sized analyser, giving customers "on-the-spot" detection of product substitution or dilution. A variety of marker types including food safe materials can be deployed with Sensus™ 40.

Sensus™ 40 is fully compatible with TagTrax™, Tracerco's online Data Analytics & Project Management tool. All results generated are immediately accessible by the customer either through a secure connection or our automated notification service. This allows a rapid response to the detection of product fraud and fuel adulteration.

To learn more about our fuel marking and product authentication programs or to discuss a potential application with one of our technical advisors, please contact us.

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