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VeritasTM - Rapid Fuel Adulteration Testing

Veritas™ is an advanced marker system that provides our customers with the ability to uniquely fingerprint their fuel products.

Veritas™ allows rapid testing to be performed with minimal training. This patented Tracerco technology uses a rugged, portable instrument specifically designed for the rigors of field use.

Covert Veritas™ markers are added at very low levels and have no impact on the colour or any other aspect of fuel specification. The Tracerco's Veritas™ markers also have no impact on the quality of the fuel as they only contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

Unlike conventional fuel testing technologies Veritas™ automatically compensates for any natural variability of the fuel. This ensures for easy and accurate measurement of the marker every time.

Veritas technology is fully compatible with TagTrax™, Tracerco's cloud based reporting and project management system. All results generated are immediately accessible to the customer either through a secure connection or our automated notification service. This allows a rapid response to the detection of fuel adulteration.

To find out more about fuel marking solutions and how we can resolve your specific needs, please contact us.

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