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Ilumink Authentication Technology

ilumink™ is a completely new authentication technology designed to tackle counterfeit products - a vast and growing global issue.

Using conventional inkjet printing, manufacturers can simply and easily apply the complete authentication solution directly to their products. The technology is unique in offering brand owners multiple layers of overt, covert and forensic authentication in one easily applied print feature on a variety of substrates and packaging. This fully integrated approach encompasses;

  • Overt optically variable features designed for first pass consumer authentication
  • Rapid covert in-field authentication with unique optical features
  • Highly secure, forensic-level elements for legal prosecution
Overt covert and forensic features

Many overt authentication technologies can only be applied via a label or prepared by a specialist printer. This can be expensive, inconvenient and inflexible in terms of features included.

As ilumink™ is digitally inkjet printed, it can support serialised or uniquely coded products as part as an overall product assurance strategy. Manufacturers can now directly apply the complete authentication solution to their products. The feature can be applied anywhere in the production chain, directly onto the product, its packaging or a label.

The versatility of the ilumink™ system makes it suitable to help brand owners combat product fraud in all market types. This includes:

  • Speciality materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Spirits and electronics
  • Automotive components
  • Personal Care

Please contact us if you would like to know more about ilumink™; or would like to discuss a potential application with one of our technical advisors.

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