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Specialty Chemicals

Counterfeiting is an increasingly common problem that is expanding in scope from luxury goods to items having an impact on personal health and safety. Given the breadth of the problem, at Tracerco we appreciate that each of our customers requires a unique authentication solution.

Speciality chemicals

Our approach ensures that each solution is designed and developed in line with specific customer requirements. Our commitment to satisfying customer needs is not limited by the scale of a project. Tracerco’s depth of experience in tagging specialty chemicals ranges from the basic supply of a suitable tracer through to the management of large turnkey projects. Our technologists are experts in identifying taggant solutions which are highly covert and will have no impact on our customers' product performance or production efficiency.

Through the use of our advanced technologies we reassure our customers and the wider society of the quality and origins of products. Our product assurance team has developed customised analytical platforms for the brand protection of pharmaceuticals, crop protection products, dietary supplements, fibres and paints.

When it comes to supplying our advanced analytical technology, we are able to offer our customers the option of portable or laboratory based analysis. We have a range of taggant technologies including GRAS and food safe markers suitable for human contact or consumption and environmentally sensitive applications.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our product assurance and brand assurance technologies for specialty chemicals and materials or would like to discuss a potential application with a Technical Advisor.

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