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Intelligent Project Management

TagTraxTM - Intelligent Project Management

TagTrax™ is the industry's first, fully comprehensive, fuel marking and product authentication program management platform.

TagTrax™ is a cloud based data reporting system and is designed as a universal platform to remotely transfer data from all of Tracerco's brand protection and fuel testing solutions.

Tagtrax™ adds significant value to product testing by instantly reporting results to all key stakeholders anywhere in the world thus facilitating rapid management account to mitigate problems. Its analytics features allow management teams to identify trends, fraud hotspots and quantify data.

TagTrax™ receives, and manages wirelessly, transmitted data from field and laboratory instruments. Results can be viewed on any internet enabled device. At every stage information is securely protected to ensure that access is only available to authorised users. Summaries of results and immediate notification of failed samples can also be pushed to registered users by email or SMS. TagTrax™ allows efficient program management and targeted testing.

TagTrax™ has been designed with the customer's practical requirements as the primary consideration. When combined with Tracerco's testing solutions such as Veritas™, Sensus™, Apollo™, Nemesis™ and Invidia™, TagTrax™ provides a full and comprehensive solution to marker analysis which enables our customers to efficiently manage their product authentication program.

Our cloud based reporting system, is based upon Azure which complies with multiple international standards and can be verified at the trust centre here. It is certified to ISO 27001. Security testing has been carried out by an independent third party to confirm compliance of our system.

To learn more about TagTrax™, or to discuss a potential fuel marking or production authentication application with one of our technical advisors, please contact us.

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