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Radiation Protection Training

Tracerco provide a number of scheduled radiation protection training courses at our state of the art Measurement Technology Centre in Billingham or at any of our global locations, including Aberdeen or the Middle East. We also offer full RPS/RPO courses, tailored radiation protection courses and bespoke refresher training at your company/site for a duration of 1, 2 or 3 days, depending on your requirements.

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Our Radiation Protection Advisers (Qualified Experts), certified to RPA2000 (UK), provide radiation protection advice and radiation protection training to ensure client operational safety and compliance with national and international legislation. Our success in delivering and sustaining our radiation protection services over the last 50 years, is evidenced by our high degree of customer retention.

Radiation protection training

Scheduled RPS Training Courses

Tracerco offer scheduled Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS Training) Courses at our Billingham site, in Aberdeen, or at a location to suit your needs.

Radiation Protection Advice

Nucleonic Instrumentation (Gauging Instruments)

We hold scheduled Nucleonic Instrumentation Training (Gauging Instruments) at our Billingham office or in Aberdeen. These courses are based on the Health and Safety Executive’s requirements for RPS competency.

Radiation protection training

Tailored Courses

We offer full RPS/RPO, nucleonic and radiography training as well as NORM workshops.

Radiation protection training

Course Dates & Course Enquiries

The latest Radiation Protection Supervisor and NORM training courses.

NORM detection2

NORM Complete

NORM Complete is an integrated package of services that will satisfy all of your Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) safety needs.

NORM detection2

NORM Surveys

NORM flows with the oil, gas and water mixture and collects in scale, filters, sludge and other process materials, during the production process. It is also prone to form a thin film on the interior surfaces of gas processing equipment and vessels.

Radiation Protection Advice

Radiation Protection Advisory Services

Our highly experienced team of fully qualified advisers together has over 100 years' experience. With an expansive practical knowledge and understanding of the use of ionising radiations utilised in the oil, gas and chemical industry, the team is your ideal source of advice and training.

Radiation Protection Advice


Frequently asked questions regarding NORM and NORM transport.

Radiation Protection Advice

Personal Dosimeters

We are able to provide dosimeter for the whole body as well as extremity (finger) badges.

Radiation Protection Advice

How our customers rate us

As part of our commitment to offer radiation protection supervisor courses that continuously meet the needs of our customers, we encourage all course attendees to provide feedback on their experiences and how well they perceive Tracerco to be performing in terms of value and customer service.

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