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Nucleonic Instrumentation (Gauging Instruments)

We hold scheduled Nucleonic Instrumentation Training (Gauging Instruments) at our offices in Aberdeen and Billingham in the UK. Tracerco base these courses on the Health and Safety Executive’s requirements for RPS competency, covering the practical aspects of radiation protection under ‘The Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRR99)’ as well as environmental compliance with ‘The Radioactive Substances Act 1993 (RSA93)’ and Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 (EPR’10) for closed sources.

Our bespoke courses aim to meet individual needs, and are designed to reflect the national legislative requirements of the host country. Training can be undertaken anywhere, with an extensive range of offices across the globe, or a location chosen by you.

To be able to supervise others working with sources of ionising radiation, delegates need the knowledge that our radiation safety training courses provide. They will gain an understanding of the hazards and risks associated with work involving ionising radiation, allowing them to implement contingency plans, safe systems and undertake risk assessments.

Who the course is aimed at:

The course is suitable for those working in the oil, gas and chemical industries with nucleonic instrumentation installed on site.

Course delivery and structure

Taught over two days, this classroom-based course uses a mixture of desktop exercises, practical exercises and lectures. There is always an opportunity for discussion on our courses, as well as a chance to share knowledge and experiences in an informal environment.

Course leaders are accredited Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs), all with vast experience in providing radiation protection advice across a wide range of industries in which radioactive materials are commonly used or encountered.

The content of the course will include:

  • the properties of ionising radiation
  • units used in radiation protection
  • the biological effects of radiation
  • radiation protection practices
  • risk assessment
  • selection and use of radiation monitors
  • The Environmental Permitting Regulation/The Radioactive Substances Act 1993,exemption orders & HASS
  • The Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999
  • transport of radioactive materials
  • safety aspects of nucleonic instrumentation

This course is available at Aberdeen, Billingham or a chosen location. If you would like to know more information about our nucleonic instrumentation (gauging instruments) training course, or to book, contact us today.

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