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Gamma Spectrometry

A key detection technique for NORM is Gamma Spectrometry, providing a large amount of data efficiently and accurately. Tracerco operate Ortec high purity Germanium gamma spectrometers, selected for their excellent sensitivity, peak resolution and long-term reliability. An operational energy range of 40 to 1800 keV enables the quantification of the levels of the most common radionuclides found.

Gamma spectrometry

Radionuclides detected (NORM suite) Ra-226, Pb-214, Bi-214, Pb-210, Ac-228, Pb-212, Bi-212, Tl-208, U-235, Th-234 (Non-naturals) Cs-137, Am-241, Co-60

Detection limits are radionuclide dependent, with Ra-226 being detectable down to 0.01Bq/g in solid matrix and 0.003Bq/g in liquid matrix.

Sample matrices handled include sand, scale, sludge, water, oil, powders, filters, metal swarf, vegetation, ceramics and catalyst.

Turnaround time is sample dependant but can be as low as 24 hours from receipt of material.

Calibration and Quality Assurance includes an annual efficiency calibration using a nationally traceable mixed radionuclide standard. An energy calibration check is carried out on a daily basis to ensure accurate radionuclide identification.

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