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NORM Complete is an integrated package of services that will satisfy all of your Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) safety needs. NORM Complete will help you determine whether or not your facility or process has NORM contamination and how to manage the problem. Our experienced and qualified team of Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs) along with our NORM radiochemistry and monitor services teams, combine to offer a NORM Complete Package and ensure that you receive the maximum benefits of a fully integrated service.

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Educate - NORM Training and Advice

Tracerco is vastly experienced in the provision of radiation protection training and advice to a worldwide audience. Our Radiation Protection Advisers (Qualified Experts) are certified to offer both advice and training to ensure client operational safety and compliance with national and international legislation.

We offer a range of training, Radiation Protection Officer certified courses, management awareness of NORM, basic NORM awareness and practical use of NORM monitors. Our success in delivering and sustaining our radiation protection services is evidenced by our high degree of customer retention.

Image of RPA Training Course
Detect - NORM Monitors

Having undertaken the training course you will have the necessary knowledge to know which equipment is suited to monitoring NORM.

Tracerco has a full range of monitors to detect NORM. Our Radiation Protection Advisers can recommend on the suitability to meet your particular requirements and our training ensures that each person attending fully understands the use and interpretation of each monitor.

Our range of radiation monitor products and services are designed to be easy to use and operate in harsh environments and include a range of intrinsically safe monitors for use in hazardous areas.

We also have regional calibration and repair facilities to suit your needs.

Image of three Tracerco Monitors

Diagnose - NORM Analysis

Having detected the presence of NORM the next step is to have it characterised.

Our reports can include if requested, an interpretation on whether NORM is classed as radioactive, non-radioactive or exempt.

With a comprehensive array of analytical techniques, we can provide detailed isotopic information on a variety of different sample matrix such as sludge, sand and scales. A key detection technique for NORM is Gamma Spectrometry where through the use of high purity germanium crystals we are able to detect Radium 226, Actinium 228 and Lead 210. Our high sensitivity detectors and tailored methods enable us to meet and exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements for both solid and aqueous wastes.

We work with our customers in regional facilities to complete projects in agreed turnaround timescales with an emergency turnaround service (24 hours) available if required. Our vast experience, quick turnaround and comprehensive analysis is a cost effective way to identify the presence of NORM.

Image of NORM Survey and Image of NORM Analysis

For more information on our NORM Complete package, please fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirments and we will get back to you.

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