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Acid Stimulation Effectiveness

Daily Tracer Production,Cumulative Tracer Production

Measure stage oil, gas and water flow back following acid stimulation

Following an acid treatment within a well, a Tracer Production Log™ (TPL) measures the quantity of oil, gas and water from each stage with no well intervention

Acid resistant chemical tracers are added during normal acid stimulation operations. A unique tracer is added to each stage tagging the injected acid and the oil or gas it encounters.

Analysis of returning tracers in samples collected at the surface allows individual water, oil and gas stage production to be determined. Daily and cumulative tracer production provides day to day trends as well as accumulated stage production over time.

Information generated is used to correlate stage production with the effectiveness of the stimulation operation in order that improvements are made to re-treat the well or in future well developments to maximise recovery at lowest cost.

Through our global network, we offer local reservoir tracer project management to meet your reservoir flow measurement needs wherever you are in the world.

To learn more about how a Tracer Production Log™ (TPL) can optimise production and save you money, please fill out an enquiry form.

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