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Inflow Measurement

Tracer Technology for fluid inflow measurement

A Tracer Production Log™ (TPL) provides the answers to the following questions, all at a fraction of the cost of a PLT or sensor deployment.

  • How effective is your wellbore cleanout?
  • Are all zones producing and for how long?
  • How much oil is flowing from target zones?
  • Where and how much water is flowing into a well?
  • Has a plug or sleeve opened or closed?

A Tracer Production Log™ (TPL) allows you to:

  • Measure actual oil and gas production at each inflow stage.
  • Gather vital oil and water in-flow data from your lower completion, with no costly intervention.
  • Save time and money by building up a long-term and continuous picture of your wells’ production performance.

Examples of how this technology has been used to gain a better understanding of fluid inflow, are available on the blog: Six steps to making savings in reservoir inflow monitoring or by downloading the presentation slides.

Through our global network, we offer local reservoir tracer project management to meet your reservoir flow measurement needs wherever you are in the world.

For more information about Tracerco's inflow measurement technology, please download the FAQ’s or fill out an enquiry form.

Webcast on Cost Effective Fluid Inflow Management
Quantify Oil and Water Inflow

Quantify Oil and Water Inflow

A Tracer Production Log™ (TPL) eliminates the need to use expensive sensors or a PLT to determine which part of your well is contributing to oil or water flow.

Confirm Effective Well Clean Up

Confirm Effective Well Clean Up

By taking samples during clean out and with no well intervention, the use of our suite of smart tracers in your lower completion

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