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Interwell Tracer Study

Tracerco has developed a range of specialist tracer technologies that allow measurement of Interwell flow of injected water, gas and enhanced oil recovery chemicals. A Tracerco Interwell Tracer Study is commonly applied in new field developments that incorporate waterflood operations or gas injection as part of their initial recovery mechanism, as well as more mature reservoirs where enhanced recovery programs are used to extract incremental oil remaining within the field. A Tracerco Interwell Tracer Study is typically used alongside other reservoir surveillance tools to refine or validate computer flow simulators to optimise ongoing field design and ultimately maximise hydrocarbon recovery.

"Enhance your understanding of reservoir connectivity by adding a Tracerco Interwell Tracer Study to your reservoir surveillance tool kit."

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Our technology provides measurement of water, gas or steam flow from each injector to production wells, allowing the determination of:
  • First injection water or gas breakthrough.
  • Reservoir interlayer connectivity.
  • Detection of fault block communication.
  • The presence of high flow permeable channels.
  • Measurement of flood wide reservoir preferential flow trends.
Alongside dynamic flow information, the use of specialist tracers allows additional information to be gained concerning the effectiveness of enhanced oil recovery applications. This includes:
  • High permeable channel blocking.
  • Release of immobile residual oil inflow paths between wells.
For cases of channel blocking, tracers can be used to determine sweep extent and timing prior to the blocking chemical addition and then repeated afterwards. Data generated alongside the measurement of incremental oil production can be used to validate its effectiveness.

For mature reservoirs, tracers can be used to benchmark residual oil saturation levels prior to a tertiary recovery treatment. Subsequent measurement of changes to residual oil within the formation allows the effectiveness of a treatment to be determined.

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