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Waterflood & Injection Gas Flow Monitoring

Interwell Connectivity

Enhance your understanding of reservoir connectivity by adding a Tracerco Interwell Study to your reservoir surveillance toolbox.

Measurement of flow between wells using chemical tracers allows better determination of how a field is connected. We enable you to:

  • Measure the presence of high permeability channels and provide flow trends
  • Prove where barriers to flow & fault lines exist
  • Determine if cross flow is present through faults and vertical zones

Additionally, through analysis of production well tracer response we can quantify:

  • Fluid sweep velocity
  • Swept Pore Volume
  • Sweep Efficiency
  • Permeability range
  • Miscibility of an injection gas flood
  • Remaining oil saturation

for all wells traced in a field.

Tracercos range of specialist tracer technologies enable interwell flow measurement of injected water, gas, steam and enhanced oil recovery chemicals. The technology is applied in both new field developments as well as more mature reservoirs where enhanced recovery programs are used to extract remaining oil in place.

Through our global network, we offer local reservoir tracer project management to meet your reservoir flow measurement needs wherever you are in the world.

For more information about a Tracercos Interwell technology, download the presentation slides, FAQs or fill out anenquiry form.

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